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Sunday Mass and Adverse Weather

As we roll into the winter months, it is helpful to be reminded of our Sunday obligation in times when the weather is bad. Each Sunday and established Holy Day of obligation, Catholics are obliged to gather together and worship the Lord by the celebration of Sunday Mass. This is the Church’s precept which we can fulfill by going to Mass on the day of obligation or any evening Mass the night before. However, when bad weather strikes, we have to make a judgment about safety. At St. Mark Catholic Church, since the priests live on campus, it is unusual for the parish to cancel Sunday Masses. However, if in your prudential judgment you foresee that you or someone else’s safety would be at risk by traveling, you are not obliged to attend Mass. In short, the Church’s obligation does not bind those who find it impossible to travel or too risky to travel. (This also covers those times that someone is contagiously sick or impeded by the legitimate care of another who cannot travel to Mass.) However, the commandment to keep the Lord’s Day holy still binds all of us, because we can even do this at home. Some suggestions: gather with your family and read the Mass readings together; spend some extra time in silent prayer; gather together and watch Mass live and discuss the homily in your home with your loved ones. Wherever we are, we can find some way to follow God’s commandment to keep Sunday as a special day in honor of Him, even if we cannot join together with our parish family. When we have judged prudently that we cannot go to Mass on Sunday and we have found some way to keep the Sunday holy, we have done the best we could and there would be no need to bring this to the confessional when we return the next Sunday.

Adoration: Father John will determine the closing of Adoration if necessary due to inclement weather.  Either Adoration will be closed. or the Blessed Sacrament would be veiled.  If for any reason, you have to leave and the adorer of the next hour has not arrived yet and nobody is in the Chapel, please cover the Monstrance with one of the burgundy banners.  If somebody is in the Chapel, please ask them if they are willing to stay there until the next adorer arrives.  They will know who the next adorer is when he/she checks-in the Adoration tablet and takes a burgundy banner with them.  Our Lord is never to be left uncovered alone in the Chapel please.

Mass: We will NOT cancel Masses due to weather.  Please use your best judgment when traveling.

Please check back here for closings and cancelations.

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