Called to Faith Family Formation Program

As for Me and My House, We Will Serve the Lord ~ Joshua 24:15)

New for 2016-17


Called to Faith is a rare opportunity for an intergenerational faith formation experience that incorporates the six tasks of catechesis:

  • Formation through participation in the life of the faith community
  • Education in Scripture and Christian tradition
  • Apprenticeship in the Christian life, knowledge of and intimate connection with liturgy and rituals
  • Development of a life of prayer
  • Moral formation in Jesus Christ
  • Engagement in actions of justice and service

Goals of Called to Faith

The goal of Called to Faith is to provide an interactive learning experience for families, offering knowledge, language, skills and faith-sharing activities for continual growth and enrichment for the family that lead to a life-long relationship with Christ for the family unit.

What does Called to Faith look like?

Called to Faith is available in lieu of weekly faith formation classes with families with children in 1st-5th grade. This program is two-fold:

Church Component

Families come together for a monthly event-centered learning experience. This experience begins with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at 9 am in the church, with programming immediately afterwards in the Parish Hall. A small snack would be provided each week after Mass, then programming is from 10:30 am-noon. Programming includes both large group and small-group break-out sessions that are either parent/child together or separated depending on the topic for the month. The final 30 minutes of the includes large group reflections, review of home-component and prayer service.

Home Component

An integral element of Called to Faith is equipping households with the tools to integrate the Catholic faith and values into the fabric of home life — realizing the home as a domestic church. The monthly home component will include elements from the 6 Tasks of Catechesis (Creed, Sacraments and Liturgy, Morality, Prayer, Service and Justice and Mission). This home component will include prayer, discussion questions, family activities, service opportunities and media resources. There is a minimum 3 hour family commitment each month outside of the Sunday programming.

Registration Fee, Calendar and More

The registration fee for this program is $60.00 per child with a maximum of $150 per family.

The calendar for the program is as follows:

Time: Sunday, 9 am–Noon beginning with Mass entire family

Location: Church and then Parish Hall after Mass


October 2
November 6
December 4
January 8
February 5
March 5
April 2
May 7
June 4

Sacrament Preparation

Students who are in their second year of sacrament preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist are able to participate in this program, however the curriculum for this program is not sacrament preparation driven. Thus parents would need to make a more concerted effort at home to ensure that their child is properly prepared for the sacrament(s), meeting the learning objectives for each sacrament that is made available through our Faith Formation Department. Families would still have to pay the $40 sacrament fee.

Parent Participation

This is a new program for Saint Mark and to assure the success of this program we ask that parents who participate commit to assisting with the program on a rotational basis, whether that be as table-top discussion leaders, class-room leaders for break-out sessions, snack coordinators or prayer leaders. In addition we are also seeking a leadership team for this program. On the registration form, please check areas that you would be interested in assisting. Every family is asked to assist in at least 2 areas during the year.

Is Called to Faith a good fit for my family?

As primary educators of your children, parent involvement and assurances are vital for the success of this program. Families are asked to attend the 9 am Mass each month sitting as a group and attend all 9 monthly sessions (Oct-June). There is a family home-component to this program that is vital in striving for further growth and understanding of our Catholic Faith in the home. There will be a year-end discernment process for the family in assessing the growth and understanding of the family.

This program is ideal for a family with school age children (1st-5th grade) and are intentional and serious about building up the domestic church within their home. Although this program is not available for younger or older children, we encourage older students to participate with their families in the program. There will be limited access to a nursery for young children (0-5) during the Parish Hall program portion only.) Please note on the registration form if your family will need nursery care.

Called to Faith Registration is closed.