Fraternus Commander Message


Quick Summary of email:

·         Established St. Mark’s Bosco Society for Fraternus & Fidelis. Bosco Society raises money for our Chapter to increase Summer Ranch participation, feed our youth, provide supplies, and financially support Fraternus/Fidelis’ mission nationally.

·         Summer Ranch 2017 scholarship opportunities now available. Our own chapter’s financial aid forms to be distributed soon. You first need to register for Ranch ASAP.

·         Last weekend’s Fraternus Lock-In update- theme of the lock-in was Beauty.

·         Next Excursion, The Adventure, coming up April 28 – 30th.

·         Fraternus parent help needed to serve our St. Mark Parish during March. Time sensitive.

·         Don’t forget to save the date, May 17th, for your son’s Accolade Ceremony.

·         Fraternus 2017 Calendar

Dear Fraternus Parents,

February has been another great month for Fraternus. We continue to add more Captains (mentors) and Brothers to our St. Mark Chapter – 1 Captain and 3 Brothers joined in February. Currently there are 119 men participating in the brotherhood of Fraternus within our own St. Mark Chapter. 

Earlier this month, we hosted our first annual Bosco Society event. The primary purpose of this event was to raise money for sending as many Fraternus Brothers & Fidelis Sisters to Ranch this summer. The money was also raised to support the Fraternus/Fidelis mission nationally. Thank you to all those who responded to our Bosco Society invitations. We exceeded our financial goal, which will support between 75 and 100 partial-to-full scholarships for this summer’s Fraternus/Fidelis Ranch. If you think you want your son to go to Ranch, REGISTER HERE ASAP and pay the $50 deposit. Our own St. Mark Chapter (not National Fraternus) will be handing/sending out Financial Aid forms shortly. 

Once again, thank you Parishioners of St. Mark for your support, sacrifice, and generosity!  We earnestly pray that when these Brothers and Sisters venture off to Ranch this summer, that they come back to our Parish family having had a life changing encounter with Christ.  We also pray for Fraternus and Fidelis nationally, in order that they more effectively spread this important mission across the nation, drawing many more men, women, boys, and girls closer to Christ.

This past weekend, a short week after the Bosco Society event, Fraternus hosted our second annual Fraternus Lock-In. The focus of this lock-in was on Beauty, mainly, respecting the dignity of women.  There were at least 40 Brothers and 10 Captains in attendance. Fr. Putnam was our guest speaker, for which we are very grateful. At the end of Father’s talk and Squad Time (small group), the Senior Brothers were encouraged to write letters to their future spouses and the Junior Brothers were encouraged to write letters to their mothers, reflecting their thoughts on the true beauty we are to recognize as virtuous Catholic men.  Be sure to get your son ready for our 3rd excursion, The Adventure, on April 28 – 30th.

Finally, Fraternus has been approached by the Parish for significant help during the early part of the Lenten Season for both the Brothers & the Captains of Fraternus. We want to ask for your support as Parents to consider volunteering with the Fraternus family. A couple of these will require more Adult involvement than the Brothers, hence the reason we are asking for your help.  

Below you will find the 3 immediate areas that the Church needs us. Today, I will send out a sign up for the upcoming Lenten Meal. In the next couple of days, I will send out a sign up for the landscaping and parking for Parish Mission:

Lenten Meal on Friday March 3rd, 5:30-7:30 PM - Fraternus is signed up to provide and serve a simple "meatless" cover dishes (mac & cheese, soups, bread, PB&J, casseroles, etc) for the parish. We would appreciate it if any parents will provide a dish and join us for the meal and Stations, along with our fellow parishioners. This is the first Friday of Lent, and precedes the Men's Conference on Saturday and a Women's Group that same day. Clearly, this is one that your whole family can participate in and we will need at least 12 plus cover dishes.

Landscaping/Easter Prep on Saturday, March 11th, 9:30 - Noon - we mentioned this at last Frat night, but there is a significant landscaping project that will require much more Adult Supervision than our last work at the Parish as we prepare the Grounds for the Easter Season. More importantly, this is saving the Church quite a huge chunk of money from their Operations Budget. The Fraternus Brothers will also be asked to significantly support this event. I would like to have a solid 8 Adults (minimum) to commit to this Event. We may be in the need of other equipment as well (wheel barrels, power tools, etc.).

Parking Support, Parish Mission, Mon-Wed, March 13th - 15th @ 5:30 PM & Immediately Following Event - We will need 4-5 Adults per night of the Event. Via the announcement, please respond back with what day (Mon, Tues, and/or Wed) you can support. You must be 18 years & Older, so if you have sons/daughters that can help, please involve them. Also, I would strongly encourage all of you to attend as much of the Mission as possible. If you are coming to one of the nights anyway, please consider coming a little early (5:30 PM), working the parking, and staying a little later until lot is empty. You will have time to enjoy each night and fully participate in the Parish Mission as well. The Church is also in need of Baby Sitting coverage during the event, if you have a son or daughter that would be willing to help in this capacity rather than attend the event.

Lent requires all us to pray a little harder, dig a little deeper, share our gifts even more actively & proudly, and be a shining an example of discipleship for, not only our sons & daughters, but the entire Parish Community.

We at Fraternus appreciate your prayerful consideration for all these Events and continue to thank you for your work in advancing the Fraternus Mission ... We are making a difference!!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me (704-293-2429/  or Jim Burger (704-763-3013/ for additional information.

In Christ,

Fred Goduti

Commander – St. Mark Chapter